Guidelines & Eligibility Requirements

Marketing Grant Program Overview


Main Street Macon and Macon-Bibb County Economic and Community Development offers a Marketing Grant Program to current and active businesses located within Macon-Bibb County. The purpose of the Marketing Grant Program is to enhance the viability of Macon-Bibb County as a thriving commercial core in which to engage in commerce, support local business and promote Macon-Bibb County as a destination for business, shopping, and dining opportunities. By providing a cost-effective means for retail and businesses owners to increase their advertising efforts, Main Street Macon seeks to increase foot traffic and sales to Small Businesses through enhanced marketing of both individual businesses and Macon-Bibb County as a whole.

Grant funds must be used for advertising and promotions. The proposed campaign must be reviewed by the Main Street Macon Promotion Committee. The Promotion Committee may approve or disapprove the proposed campaign at their discretion in accordance with the Marketing Grant Program guidelines. The Promotion Committee may also make recommendations to the business owner for future consideration and review. The proposed campaign must contain the Main Street Macon logo, web address and other information as determined by the Promotion Committee. The applicant shall be responsible for 100% of all costs over those that meet the minimum intent of the program. Each grant awarded must me matched 10% by non-grant funding. Grant funding is available up to  $1,500.00, which means that if awarded the entire amount, the grantee must contribute $150.00. No more than one grant may be approved per property per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Campaigns funded by a Marketing Grant must occur after the grant application has been submitted,and must be completed within 90 days of the final approval of the grant. Promotions initiated prior to the application being submitted will NOT be eligible for consideration under the grant program. Between the time the application is submitted and the time the grant is approved, any promotion costs incurred will be done so at the risk of the owner/applicant. If the grant is approved to an applicant, the Promotion Committee will pay half (1/2) of the matching grant funding at the beginning of the campaign when notification is sent to the applicant. Once the campaign is completed, the applicant/grantee must submit final proofs of the campaign for review and verification by the Promotion Committee to ensure that all grant requirements were met. Third party estimates must be submitted, along with receipts, and “after” materials (such as print copy of ads, photos, etc.) will be required to receive funding. Upon final review and verification of the campaign, the Promotion Committee will pay out the remaining half (1/2) of the matching media grant to the applicant/grantee.

For example, if the Promotion Committee approves a grant of $1,500.00 to an applicant for a media campaign that will cost the business owner $1,650 in total costs, the Promotion Committee will pay  $750.00 at the time of the approval notification and will pay the remaining $750.00 to the business once  The campaign is completed and verified. Marketing Grants are approved on a first come, first serve  basis, as funds are available throughout the fiscal year. If additional monies are available to approve  more, the Promotion Committee may make the decision to approve additional campaigns.

As grant applications are due 30 days prior to the beginning of the time when the campaign will begin, the Promotion Committee will review the applications on a monthly basis and send notification following their monthly meetings. Please, note that Main Street Macon operates on a fiscal year  calendar of July 1-June 30.Once funds for the fiscal year have been allocated, applications for that year  will no longer be accepted.



Program Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants must be a business owner located within Macon-Bibb County.
  2. Applicants must operate and conduct the advertised business in Macon-Bibb County throughout

the grant process, including the fiscal year in which it is funded.

  1. Macon-Bibb County is to be represented by the Main Street Macon logo or by

verbal representation (if radio or TV ad). If Marketing Grant funds are to be used for

online web-based advertising, the Main Street Macon logo with embedded website information

will be required.

  1. The Main Street Macon logo must be clearly visible in all visual media advertising and must not be

smaller than 1inch, high resolution across for ANY print media. Advertisements that do not

comply with this size requirement will not be funded.

  1. The Promotion Committee must review and approve ads prior to publishing and/or

broadcasting. The Promotion Committee has final approval on grant applications.

  1. Project funds must be available to complete the proposed campaign.
  2. The media campaign or program must be completed within a 90-day timeframe following

approval of the grant. If the project is not completed within 90 days of the approval date, a

letter must be submitted to the Promotion Committee explaining the delay, and if needed, the

Promotion Committee and grantee will establish benchmarks to measure the successful

completion of the campaign.

  1. Completion of the grant application does not guarantee that the proposed campaign will receive

grant funding.

  1. Application materials must include any estimates from a third party, or for third party

labor/materials/illustrations, etc., if applicable. Applicants will be required to turn in all receipts

and finished products for final payment processing.

  1. Applications must be received 30 days prior to the start of the campaign for which the applicant is

seeking funding. Applicants will be approved only one grant per fiscal year.

  1. Applicants must submit a copy of their business license or equivalent at the time that the application is submitted.
  2. The Marketing Grant will only be awarded to businesses with 10 or less full-time employees.

Any business wanting further information about the program can contact Main Street Macon Manager Steven Fulbright at or 478-284-5553.